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Anita Charlot International, Inc. (ACI) ACI is the culmination of over two decades of experience and training in the areas of Relationship Architecture, Metaphysics (Spiritual Life Coaching), Corporate Management and Interpersonal Relationship Building. 

Over the years Anita has helped thousands of people view their relationships differently. As a result of her very own relationship success and recognizing the challenges that she faced as a Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman, she decided to focus on assisting other women like her in attracting and maintaining authentic relationships as well.

On her journey to finding the relationship that was "perfectly-imperfect" for her, she had to make the decision to do the work on herself. She took the time to self-reflect, do her internal groundwork, and also to do a ton of soul-searching to truly identify what was standing in the way of her own happiness.

During this time, she recognized that she was the reason why her relationships didn't work. Once she accepted this hard truth, it was then that she began to dig up the old relationship ways to build a new relational foundation built on identifying, understanding and accepting the truth about what she truly desired and how to identify the spirit of the person that would be best suited for her.

With over 25 years of study in Metaphysics, Relationships Patterns and Spiritual Connections, to the practical application and research for her book The 5 Phases of Dating, she has uncovered, tested and proven a system that allowed her to attract and maintain the relationship of her dreams. She has since used this system to assist other women and men to be successful as well.

If you can see yourself in 3 or more of the following examples and have had a rough time keeping a relationship and are truly ready to make a change, then YOU are someone that Anita can do her best work with:
  • Your relationships are short lived
  • You've been married several times
  • You are quick to give your opinion no matter WHO you're in conversation with
  • You think that all men are dogs
  • You're a single mother that has had to "hold it down" for her children with little to no help from their fathers
  • Feel you don't NEED a man...but secretly desire one
  • Put on a tough exterior when deep down you just want to  be held
  • You feel that it is your responsibility to point out others faults - you know...so that they can do something about them
  • Etc.
If you REALLY want what you say you want, then stop procrastinating. It's time to STOP the relationship merry-go-round and get clear. Working with Anita is not for everyone, so why not click on the contact button in the lower right hand corner and sign up for your Complimentary Discover Session today to see if you are the type of client that she can do her best work with.

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