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both Personally and Professionally
Anita Charlot International, Inc. (ACI) ACI is the culmination of over two decades of experience and training in the areas of Relationship Architecture, Metaphysics (Spiritual Life Coaching), Corporate Management and Interpersonal Relationship Building.

The original vision for this company began in 1999 as Purrfect Harmony Unlimited (PHU) and now, almost fifteen years later, Anita continues to empower countless men, women and teens through her 
self-awareness services.  Her radio show Living Purrfectly Authentic Radio served to expand the consciousness of her listeners by providing thought-provoking topics that spoke to the intricacies of relating to others from your truth.

PHU continued to share in this vision and has since become the publishing arm under the leadership of ACI and will continue to publish, “soul touching,” thought provoking and educational content by Anita for years to come. These works promise to continue to assist those who come in contact with them in identifying their true voices while learning how to source their lives from it. 

Anita has the ability to make even the most resistant person feel comfortable in her presence.  Whether you are the CEO of a major corporation or have lived an alternative lifestyle...you will immediately find comfort interacting with her due to her compassionate, fun-loving and non-judgmental spirit. 

Anita uses over 25 years of experience in the following areas to assist organizations and individuals alike in getting to the “truth” of their situation while empowering the participants along the way: 

  • Metaphysical and Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching ~ based on her proprietary systems
  • Deliberate Creation Consulting™
  • Inspirational Speaking engagements
  • Living Purrfectly Authentic™ Series
Along with our new website, is a new direction for the company. Our goal is to empower as many individuals as we can with the tools to build meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally.

We will do this through VIP Breakthrough Sessions, Speaking Engagements and Workshops providing the tools that attendees can use to build meaningful relationships.

From individuals to organizations...Anita Charlot International, Inc. (ACI) can assist you in bridging communication gaps, creating authentic relationships with clients, building trust amongst team members, teaching success skills and so much more.

Here are a few changes to our website and business model that we would like to share with you...

  • All of our Professional Services such as Workshops, Coaching and Speaking Engagements can now be found under one tab - Professional Services
  • We have also moved from the hourly one to one coaching sessions to that of our VIP Breakthrough Sessions. The VIP Sessions are for those that are looking for intense  introspection with immediate breakthroughs. Click here to learn more!

As part of the new direction for the company, we have created the first of its kind, digital platform relationship readiness school dedicated to the Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman (SAFI) ~ The Relationship Architect Academy. This is a big step for us, however, it was the next logical step in the evolution of the company.

The academy will offer courses, certification training programs and professional partnership opportunities specific to the building blocks of healthy relationships. It is our intention to start an international movement in which we train Relationship Architects™ in the art of building authentic relationships based on the truth of the individuals.

If you have a huge heart and love to assist others in the attainment of authentic relationships, why not consider becoming an affiliate, a Relationship Architect™ yourself or possibly joining us as an Instructional Coach?

Check out the Academy page here to learn more or visit the Relationship Architect Academy directly.