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Relationship Expert, Author, Speaker and Facilitator

Why Anita?

“Inspiring, engaging, candid, and honest one-of-a-kind speaker” are just some of the words used to describe Anita M. Charlot.

Since 1999 Anita has been teaching, coaching and helping to transform women’s lives through their dating and relationship experiences. Her own relationship “failures” allow her to hear what her students and clients are "NOT" saying; her gift assists women to grow through their fears and insecurities, so they can begin to attract and maintain the relationships that are "perfectly imperfect" for them, whether personal, familial, or professional.

Anita is a solutions-oriented certified relationship coach whose passion is empowering and teaching women how to attract and maintain authentic relationships. Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, or divorced, Anita can help you attract, maintain, improve, and even revive relationships and marriages that have lost their spark. She is known for the saying: “Every Dating Situation is Not a Potential Relationship, and Every Relationship is Not a Potential Marriage.” Intuitively, she is an expert in helping you to exactly identify what type of relationship situation you’re in and what to do about it.

How did she decide to become a dating and relationship coach? As a domestic abuse survivor and a reformed “strong and fiercely independent (and perpetually single) woman,” she was determined to understand the how and the why of her negative experiences. Anita searched high and low for the perfect therapist/coach/clergy to assist her in growing through her pain and helping her find the confidence to open up to love again. She then recognized a gap that she could fill by becoming a coach that was not afraid to share her experiences to serve as an example of what was possible for the women who were truly ready to do the work and bring about a change in their lives.

Anita readily shares her good and bad experiences with those that come into her vibration, whether in person, online, or through her writing. Her ability to reflect and learn from her experience, coupled with her expert coaching skills, makes her uniquely qualified to help women break through limiting beliefs, eliminate destructive or self-sabotaging patterns, and uncover blocks and negative mindsets that keep them tied to the same type of men in different clothing.

She offers individual and group programs and workshops, both online and in-person. Additionally, she offers courses, books, and products that effectively teach women (and men) how to build and maintain authentic relationships. Anita is a metaphysician, author, empowerment speaker, and a solutions-oriented dating and relationship coach dedicated to teaching others how to build and design their relationships according to their truth. Over the past two decades, Anita has coached thousands of women from all walks of life via all types of methods. Per Anita, [coaching] “has been the most rewarding thing I could have done as it has forced me to continue to grow everyday, not just for me, but for my clients as well.”

Anita holds a B.S. in Metaphysics from The American Institute of Holistic Theology, with a focus on Interpersonal Relationships. With over 25 years in Corporate America as well as 14 years served in the U.S. Army Reserves, she specializes in practical and spiritual solutions-oriented programs and products that assist women in attracting and maintaining authentic connections in their personal and professional lives.

Anita continues to be an industry leader in providing workshop facilitation, keynote addresses, empowerment talks, weekend retreats, and VIP sessions. Participants have included spiritual and educational institutions, small business owners, corporate and social organizations, and individuals. Each session empowers all to live truthfully and connect authentically. People often ask how she continues to look so young. She shamelessly shares this secret: when faced with life’s challenges and the “perceived emergencies” of others she lives by her motto…

It’s NOT Worth The Wrinkle!™

If you are looking for a speaker to connect to the emotions of the women in the audience, touch their hearts, build their confidence and give them the tools they can use immediately to begin to attract the quality of life and love that they REALLY want, then book Anita for your next engagement today!!!