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VIP Breakthrough sessions

Whatever your personal or professional needs, Anita can create a VIP Breakthrough Session to assist you in "growing through" any situation. These sessions are held in groups of 1 - 4 people and are taught directly by Anita herself. If you are an "over-achiever" and are ready to "grow through" a specific topic in one day - working directly with Anita - and want to get through the session so that you can begin to make immediate changes in your life, then the VIP Breakthrough Sessions are for you.

In your VIP Breakthrough Session, you have Anita's undivided attention for 4-6 hours on one particular day. During this time, you focus solely on the topic at hand - to assist in with your "Breakthrough." The extent of your success will depend on how much work you are willing to do. These sessions are for those that are ready to begin to build the relationships that are authentic, empowering and grounded in truth...YOUR truth.

Design That Works for You
You will find a list below of Signature VIP Breakthrough Sessions that Anita currently holds, however, there may be other areas that you or your employees may need to work on. If you do not see the topic you would like to work on in the list below, feel free to contact our offices to discuss other VIP Breakthrough Session options for you.

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  • How To Determine the Dating Potential Of Another Person in 10 Minutes or Less
  • Dating with Confidence
  • 5 Building Blocks of A Relationship
  • How To Communicate Authentically and Effectively
  • Releasing the Residual Energy of Relationships Past
  • Individually Tailored
  • How To Build A Cohesive Team
  • Improving Communication Between C-Levels and Their Support Staff
  • How To Handle The Shift in Energy After A Promotion
  • Managing From Empowerment vs. Fear
  • Authentic Client Connections
  • Individually Tailored

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