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To The Wounded Woman Inside...Community

What started as a simple post has now blossomed into an entire online community and I couldn't be happier. I created this group for the woman who, even though she's a beautiful specimen on the outside, she's completely in pain on the inside. She's wounded...and doing a great job (she thinks) of hiding it from the world. 

Anita shares a lot with her online Facebook friends and groups free of charge, but this group, is near and dear to her heart and will take a deep dive into the lives of the women, their pain and suffering and offer emotional, spiritual and community support that - if she truly desires it - will assist in providing her with the solutions to grow through her past experiences to learn how to heal and then attract the quality of life and love that she wants...just like Anita did.

My mission is to spiritually uplift this community, and work toward healing as many hearts as I can. I promise to keep it real with you, share stories from my life with you, offer live FBL classes and Q&A sessions during each month and to love on you through your challenges but mostly to provide you solutions to help you grow through your past pain.  

Want access to the community on a monthly basis? Click on the link below. Your monthly contribution is $29/month...such a little price to pay for access to a community of like-minded women with big hearts!!!

You can be billed up to $39.00 USD
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Looking forward to loving on you in the Facebook Group!!

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