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Did you know that the quality of your personal relationships carries over into the quality of your professional relationships?

At the Relationship Architect™ Academy, our training programs ~ while geared towards the Strong and Fiercely Independent Woman (SAFI) ~ are designed to help create awareness of any individual’s “shadow nature” helping them see how they often behave in the exact opposite manner than they thought. Once discovered, we provide them with the tools to make the necessary changes that produce the desired results. We also offer tele-seminars, workshops and courses for the men and women that love her, teaching them how to understand and appreciate her unconditionally.

We accomplish this highly-introspective program through intense self-reflection, mentoring and coaching of individuals and couples including the  application of universal, spiritual and practical concepts, various assignments and other proprietary development training programs.  These techniques  establish and solidify the understanding and building of the foundation necessary for successful relationships based on what each individual really “needs” in order to have the quality of life and love that they really want.

Once you have identified the obstacles in receiving the type of treatment you want in your personal relationships almost immediately you begin to see how this plays into your professional environment as well. Change will begin when YOU change. Respect will increase when YOU respect yourself enough to invest in your development.

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